Applicants must be a resident of Wexford County

Applicant(s) must appear in person to apply

Must be 18 years of age

Must have Driver's License, Pictured State ID, Passport or Birth Certificate

Must know date of births, place of birth (city and state), Social Security numbers, parents full names
                  including mothers maiden names and the states the parents were born

Fee $20.00 for Wexford County Residents, $30.00 for Out of State Residents

License is valid for 30 days with a 3 day waiting period to receive license after application

Immediate delivery of license is available (to those who qualify) for an additional fee of $5.00

Magistrate information for performing Weddings

Certified Copy:


Fill out form or write letter with the following information:

Certificate holders names (Applicants)

Date of Marriage

Sign written request

Include fee(s):  $10.00 for first certified and $4.00 for each additional certified copy.

Submit above information along with a self addressed stamped envelope for return of order

On-line with Credit Card:

Click link to Govpaynow for Wexford County

In Person:

Fill out form (also available at Clerk's Office)

Fee(s):  $10.00 for first certified and $4.00 for each additional certified copy.