Community Resources

Wexford-Missaukee Child Protection Council
Michigan’s Human Trafficking Hotline
Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence
Catholic Human Services of Cadillac
Wexford County Animal Shelter
Healing Private Wounds in Cadillac
Silent Observer
Club Cadillac
Oasis Family Resource Center
Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan
The Victims’ Rights Act
New Hope Shelter
Fight Crime - Invest In Kids

Your Rights as Victim

Constitutional Rights:

  • The right to be treated with fairness and respect for your dignity and privacy throughout the criminal justice process.
  • The right to timely disposition of the case following arrest o the accused.
  • The right to attend that trial and all other court proceedings the accused has the right to attend.
  • The right to confer with the Prosecuting Attorney.
  • The right to make a statement to the court and sentencing.
  • The right to restitution.
  • The right to information about the conviction, sentence, imprisonment, and release of the accused.

Crime Victims' Rights of 1985:

  • To be notified by the Police Agency of emergency and medical services available to you because you are a crime victim.
  • To be notified of the availability of victim's compensation benefits, the address of the Crime Victim's Compensation Board and whether you are eligible for such benefits.
  • To be notified of the telephone number of the police department to contact to determine if the defendant has been released from custody.
  • To be notified of the address and phone number in the Prosecuting Attorney's office you may contact to obtain information about victim rights.
  • To receive an explanation of court procedures.
  • To receive an explanation of procedures to follow if you are threatened or intimidated by the defendant.  If this should happen, call the police immediately).